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Bro. Bob Buchanan, a stalwart of the Church

I remember the first time I saw and meet Bro. Bob. He was tall, white-skinned and very friendly man. He was one of the preachers (if I’m not mistaken) who became Director of the Philippine Bible College at Baguio City where the Baguio Church of Christ sits.

It was during the National Evangelism Workshop and Seminar held at the Metro Manila Church of Christ at Samar Avenue, Quezon City (the congregation my family belong to where my Grandfather served as one of the elders of the congregation) where I first saw and heard Bro. Bob preached. He was talking about the Plan of Salvation.

He was a soft spoken man. He was like a grandfather to me. You can see in his face how passionate and emotional he is in preaching the gospel to the people. He was a persuasive preacher.

I had a lot of things to tell about him and I will share to you later on….

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Denn Reed Tuvera is the name of the greatest lawyer in the Philippines, my Dad. Since I also own his name, I would liken myself to him. His a man of his goals and I'm different from him. He maybe a good and brilliant lawyer but I am an aspiring journalist. About me? What can I say about me? My friends told me that I am a very religious person. Yeah right! It is true. Since the time I became a Christian, I felt how it is to be a child of God. I felt my importance in this life. I felt that even though some people would disregard me in this world, God is always there beside me. I would say that I'm a friendly person. I hate quarreling with one another person. It doesn't help me and my studies. It destroys friendship. Some say that I am a "snob" or "hindi namamansin". Hehehhehe... I am not like that. I would assure you that once you get to know me more, we will have a good relationship as friends and colleagues until this world ends.


3 thoughts on “Bro. Bob Buchanan, a stalwart of the Church

  1. Dear brethren:
    I am wanting to get in touch with Bob Buchanan. Is he still alive? Is he still working in the Philippines?

    Ben Vick, Jr.

    Posted by Ben Vick | August 25, 2010, 5:23 pm
  2. Can anyone recommend a Leonardo Maste of the Philippines? Is he a brother and with whom does he work?

    Ben Vick,Jr.

    Posted by Ben Vick | August 25, 2010, 5:26 pm


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