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Since the time I learned about the word “girlfriend”, I always think of answering the questions: Who will be this lucky girl?; How does she look like? Does she look awesome? Does she look like Camilla Belle? Natalie Portman? Does a she have a good attitude? Is she a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddist?

When I was in high school, there were so many girls that flooded our school grounds. Some were from my batch, others were from the upper and lower batches. I had a crush with a girl, just a year higher than me. She was really beautiful. Her skin was as white as snow. Her eyes were very beautiful (though its very hard for me to describe her eyes. All I know was the fact that it was really beautiful).

I was in third year that time (she was fourth year), that I thought that I was the luckiest third year student in our school. But it turned out that it was not.

I was included in the “Cutillon” group. All I thought was, I will just dance together with a friend from my batch. But it was not like that. Before we begin practicing the dance, our professors chose our partners from the senior level. So I got really nervous. I don’t know why. It’s not because I don’t know how to dance.

Unexpectedly, our professors chose her, my crush, to be my partner and guess what? I really leaped so high because of the joy and happiness that I felt. “I am very lucky!”, I said to myself. So, we keep on practicing and that’s the time that I learned to love practicing the dance because I was able to hold her very soft hands like the clouds in the sky.

After a week, everything changed. She no longer became my partner because of the re-shuffling of partners. So I said, “What the hell!!!”

But still, I got the chance to dance with her during the last part of the program and it was really great.

So let me go to the topic. What characteristics of a girl do I like?

1. She must be friendly – being friendly is one of the most important characteristics that I like. Why? Because if a girl is not friendly, how are we going to have a good relationship? If she is not friendly, then she will always be in the state of war against me, my family, my friends and others.

2. She must also be calm – she should not be a hot-headed girl. Otherwise, we will always be fighting, and shouting, and so on. Thus, our relationship will be broken.

3. She should be gentle

4. She should be humble

5. She should be a patient girl

6. She should have intelligence

7. She should have a heart that knows how to love not only me but also other people around us.

8. She must be beautiful (Ah!!!This is a given characteristic)

9. She must not be self-fish

10. She should be humble to her parents, friends, children, etc.; and

11. Most of all, she should know how to fear God and keep His commandments.

Last February 1, 2010, we had a studio photography in our class. It was really good. Then I met the model of my classmate and she was very beautiful. Her eyes were very good. She got a rosy lips. Her hair was definitely beautiful. And I was lucky enough to had a special photo shoot with her. And the shoot were much like of a wedding picture. It was really a good feeling!

Last April 2010, we had our annual National youth camp of the churches of Christ. And in my tribe, there was a really beautiful girl. Her characteristics met with my characteristics. But she got a boyfriend so, thank you anyway.

Another was in a congregation somewhere. Just like the second, she met the characteristics I posted.

Five years ago, I met the girl whom I think the most beautiful girl in high school. She lives in Dubai and she speaks very good in English. Her skin was as white as snow as well as her lips were as red as an apple and rose. She’s but a simple, typical young lady. She really met my qualifications. But she left for Dubai. So sad.

There are so many girls in town. They can be around me or beside me. Whatever. I’ll just wait for her and the proper time. And this proper time can be tomorrow, next week, next year, or just a second after this.


About Administrator

Denn Reed Tuvera is the name of the greatest lawyer in the Philippines, my Dad. Since I also own his name, I would liken myself to him. His a man of his goals and I'm different from him. He maybe a good and brilliant lawyer but I am an aspiring journalist. About me? What can I say about me? My friends told me that I am a very religious person. Yeah right! It is true. Since the time I became a Christian, I felt how it is to be a child of God. I felt my importance in this life. I felt that even though some people would disregard me in this world, God is always there beside me. I would say that I'm a friendly person. I hate quarreling with one another person. It doesn't help me and my studies. It destroys friendship. Some say that I am a "snob" or "hindi namamansin". Hehehhehe... I am not like that. I would assure you that once you get to know me more, we will have a good relationship as friends and colleagues until this world ends.


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